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      At the end of every school year, I ask the children to complete the sentence "I remember. . ." with what they remember from that year to create a group poem and record of their time in Kindergarten.  I write down exactly what they say. I do re-order it to follow the flow of the year.  Hearing the words and memories of this year's group, I really know that despite everything, we did it--we had a successful year together outdoors during a pandemic!  Here is their poem.  Enjoy!

Kindergarten Remembers

I remember when I first came to school.

I remember when we were down in forest classroom.

I remember sticks.

I remember my friends.

I remember lunch.

I remember when we went on hikes.

I remember we saw that bunny.

I remember when we saw that snake.

I remember when we saw animals in the Glen, like the box turtle.

I remember when we builded nests.

I remember that snowy day it was a little hot, and the snow all melted.

I remember when we saw the first cicada.

I remember when we went to the Nursery classroom to see the tadpoles.

I remember the tree falling down.

I remember when I started smelling the stinky smell of the cicadas.

I remember every sunny day was the best day ever.

I remember every rainy day was the worst.

I remember every school year is the best school year.

I remember the good times of the school being the greatest place and the greatest time of my life.

By Kindergarten 2020-21

June 9, 2021

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