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Sunday, 07 November 2021 17:55

What did you do today?

Some children share many details of their days here at school, when they get home, while others process these events more internally. The question of "What did you do today?" may bring a flood of words, a shrug, or an answer of "I don't know." or "Played" or even "Nothing". So I thought I'd share some observations I've made over the last several weeks on what the Kindergartners are doing here each day. The children are very busy here at school. Here is what I am seeing. Their large motor activities have included monkey bars, the hanging bars, digging in the sand, riding trikes, swinging in the swings, tire swing, and hammocks, building with sticks, and raking leaves. There was some intense work last week on the teeter totter figuring out fulcrum, weight, and balance. Small motor activities have included lots of drawing, writing, and crafting. The fairy house has had improvements and repairs made to its roof and walls. It's been equipped with camping supplies and is currently being decorated for Christmas. There's been lots of cutting, stapling, gluing, and taping--especially taping. The children have used grass, onion grass, leaves, sticks, paper, string, rocks, and bones as craft materials. They have been burying and unearthing items, including bones, a fork, and a cement block. Their imaginative play has included being various animals, fairies, robots, super heroes, families, and a stuffy birthday party. They have also put on monologues for each other in a theater they created in our meadow. The monologues are a mix of stand up, mime, vaudeville, and a lot of slapstick. Many of the children are reading and making pattern predictions on our job chart. Some are exploring numerals and numbers using our calendar, even making their own calendar pages. Some children spend time each day looking at or reading books to themselves or others. Several children dictate notes to family or friends or stories for me to write for them. Some of these stories are shared with the group at our story time. While some of these activities are done in a solitary way, most are done with others. As a result, children are honing their skills each day as they figure out how to make plans together; share resources; negotiate and navigate differences and problems--there is a lot of this inherent in imaginative play, where they are creating whole worlds together; explore inclusion and exclusion; identify and share feelings; and set and reset boundaries as they do the mutual dance of learning to set firm, fair limits and learning to respect them. All of this takes a great deal of self-awareness, evaluation, and control. It also takes a great deal of energy, and this group is doing it beautifully all while managing the task of keeping themselves comfortable in an outdoor setting. It's a lot--I can't wait to see what they'll do next!

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