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     Kindergartners are in our forest classroom 100% of the time this fall.  It's the best place to be, as we are working extra hard this year, due to the pandemic, not to spread germs.  This group of children is helping establish our routines, our use of space, and ways of adapting our traditions.  For color days the children have signed up to create a poster for each color to display at the entrance of forest classroom on the appropriate days.  Once the color day has past, I'm then hanging the posters on the windows facing the cycle circle side of the play ground, where everyone at school can see them. 

     This past week the children made plans for two hikes.  On the second hike they went all the way to Meatball Rock, which is one of the longest out and back hikes we generally do in Kindergarten.  This is definitely a hiking group!  A Kindergartner made a request for a lesson on pocket knife use this week, and a small group joined for instruction and then whittling time in our fire circle area.  By the end of the week, the children had gotten interested in constructing shelters in the forest classroom, using sticks, an old wooden pallet, some twine and cord, and wood planks Brian had in the art/science room.  MJ brought a child sized saw that several children used to cut some larger branches to more manageable sizes.  The structure, which they call a fort, can only fit two children.  There are several ideas on how to accommodate more--make it bigger, add more rooms, build a neighborhood.  It's an ongoing project, and I'm very interested in where it will take them. 


Sunday, 13 September 2020 17:19

Kindergarten--in it together!

     This group of Kindergartners spent their first week engaging in activities together--sand construction and riding the merry go round were two favorites.  They enjoyed several short hikes around the Antioch School and Antioch College grounds.  We found and identified many types of insects, plants, and trees.  Cicadas and katydids are very plentiful this year!  Our read aloud books have been about making friends and exploring the outdoors.  In the afternoon we have been reading the traditional Anansi (spider) stories from the Ashanti people in Ghana and traditional stories told by Arizona Indian children.  The children have made plans for celebrating shape days next week and are looking forward to more hikes!

Monday, 07 September 2020 22:03

Kindergarten in the great outdoors

     The children were unsurprisingly delighted to be together last week.  They did quite well with our new routines--outdoors all the time, masks, giving each other more space, and hand washing.  Starting with their first visits on Wednesday, they began making plans.  One Kindergartner requested stickers to take home, after using stickers to decorate his cubby name tag on Wednesday, so there were stickers along with note cards, a little blank book, glue, scissors, and crayons in the lap desks for everyone's first half day.  Each group made a plan to play on the cycle circle side of the playground, spent time exploring our forest classroom and utilizing the materials in their lap desks.  One group began thinking about where we will hike.  The best news about hiking is that the Glen will be opening on Wednesday!  I can't wait to see how this group will come together in our full Forest Kindergarten mode!

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