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Runnin' for Freedom (02-26-2022)

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It was another short but busy week of high energy while we wait for spring. There were many, many books to be read, mud to moosh, to stomp, to churn and to fall into,  and grass — dormant, but no longer icy — to run on. There were lots of ideas and innovations, especially within the realm of the theatrical. We are still deep into Shape Days and will begin talking and planning for Name Days soon... to begin sometime in late March or early April.

As anyone who lives with them knows, young children can be very concrete in their ways of seeing the worlds around them. At the same time — and paradoxically — they often live in a rich world of metaphor to help them make sense of it all. These particular children are all of this. Add deep thinkers too. The simple, beautiful song, "Runnin’ for Freedom" you'll see here, brings Nurseries to experience that is made immediate and authentic by the personal: It was composed by a Nursery friend and her father! It meets the children where they are in their own particular concrete/metaphorical mix of the moment. Poetry, song, storytelling, dramatization, it was another opening of a door from their own unique and and very young experience into a wider dimension and reality.

Thank you so much for the sharing this family piece and making this possible. Nurseries enacted the song with Athena through call and response during Music on Thursday morning. They loved it!

I was able to catch the children and their own theatrical inventions and performance of "Runnin’ for Freedom" in a sequence of photos. And here is the song:

Runnin’ for Freedom

Headed North.
In the night.
Through the woods.
And the fright.
Oh, I’m runnin’
For freedom now.

I’m alone.
Yes I am.
But the Lord.
Guides my hand.
Oh, I’m runnin’
For freedom now.

I’m in the dark.
But I see the light.
And my fire.
Burns bright.
Oh, I’m runnin’
For freedom now.

Does freedom mean?
I don’t know.
I’ve never seen.
But I’m runnin’
For freedom now.

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