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Icy Cold Realities/Periodic Mud to Celebrate (02-20-2022)

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These days, the angle of the sun is telling Nurseries, “Wake up; wake up; run and explore!” However the reality is that there is only so much you can do with snow that has turned into lumpy, frozen foot steps and an impenetrable ice cap to the hard frozen ground.

Sap is beginning to rise. Energies are high. Outlets are a bit limited. Cabin Fever is a frequent result.

However, there is still periodic mud to celebrate. One child came in on Friday after our quick overnight freeze, saying she really wanted it to be a really rainy day (like Thursday). When I asked why, she talked at length about how much she loved playing in the mud! She wants more rain to make even more mud.

When we are all together again on Wednesday, we will have three Octagon Days. Three days for a single shape can seem like a lot, but octagons are often very intriguing to Nursery ages (think of the joy of traffic signs in general.) They can also be inspirational for STOP, GO, and CAUTION signs and the play that results.

These winter days, especially with current icy cold realities, some Nurseries are often choosing to be cozy and warm inside after they arrive. They are creating spontaneous story times asking Athena or me to be their readers while the world warms up a bit. They often love to sit with old favorites to reread or they will search through the shelves for new ones to experience. When we come inside after morning pick-up, each of us chooses a book to be read… including me. On Friday time a Nurseryer chose to be the one to present her story. She chose an old favorite of theirs… Polo and the Dragon by Regis Faller. She made it a fun, interactive time, and they all loved it!

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