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A Card in a Basket (02-12-2022)

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Nurseries were very busy with big block construction in the room and in the hallway throughout the entire week. On Thursday after an early morning of construction in the room and hallway, followed by Art/Science, plus an all school fire drill, then followed by outside play to decompress a bit, they were looking at quite a big morning clean up to do before Snack Time.

Nurseries were running out of steam.

While we were gathering to have our meeting and choose jobs, little did we know that Kindergartners had been working to clean the hallway. They had already put all of the big blocks an other things away! Our clean-up had unexpectedly become much simpler!

Nurseries wanted to write a card to Kindergarten to say thank you. In order to make sure everyone could help, they brought the card over to Kindergarten in a very large basket… with lots of room around the rim for many hands. They asked Lindie to read it to Kindergartners. The message talked about how it was nice of Kindergartners to clean up for them. It was heartfelt… plus it was a great opportunity for several Nurseries to stay for a few moments to talk about Kindergarten!

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