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How Did the Sand Get to Be Blue (01-09-2022)

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Everyone seemed very pleased to see one other on Monday. They seemed to come back after our long Winter Break with a new level of curiosity, wonder, and inquiry. Often in a contemplative mood, many are are posing questions to the group and to me and themselves about hows and whys. They are wondering what makes things the way they are. They have ideas. Some ideas are right off the top of their heads. Some they consider and think about for a while and then carefully compose into a theory.

One child asked, “How did the sand in the five minute timer get to be blue? Did you color it, Ann?”

“No, it just came that way from the supply store,” I said. Curious myself, I asked her, “How do you think it got to be blue?”

The entire group was listening and there were several different theories, some wonderfully fanciful, some very much tied to experience and observation. After thinking a while, the child who originally posed the question said,  “I think they used real sand that that they put special color on… and they heated it in the oven.”

Our Number Days began on Tuesday and Wednesday with ZERO and continued on Thursday and Friday with ONE and TWO. Many zero, one, and two shaped cutouts were painted at the easel or decorated at the tables.

There are a number of Nurseries in this group who especially love numbers. They are very interested in counting and organizing them and are also intrigued by larger concepts. We read, How Much Is a Million, by David M. Schwartz and illustrated by Steven Kellogg which they loved. Taking the time to actually articulate each number, I imagine, did you know that to count to one million would take 23 days? Or that to count to one billion would take 95 years? Or that to count to one trillion would take 200,000 years? “No one could even live that long!” several observed. It was a lot to wonder and think about!

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