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Moving at the Speed of Light

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Last week was fast paced with a lot going on. Years ago and thinking back to her own childhood, my daughter once made an observation to me that children in groups move at the speed of light. It’s a good metaphor for the flow of their ideas and the pace of their play… especially in young children.

I know that the speed is part of the exhilaration of it for them and I know it can still be difficult for them to keep up with it.... even though together they are the driving force of it. They are taking part in plans and play that can morph and change on a dime. This seems especially true for last week’s Nurseries.

I think in part it came out of our first real taste of sunny October weather, plus the the very beginnings of Halloween excitement that we always see emerging around this time. I think it also comes out of a growing familiarity with the process of talking and listening with each other if their play gets stuck. They are beginning to become more practiced with setting a limit with one another as needed and, in turn, with accepting a limit as it is set by a peer. They are beginning to take the time for one-on-one play together. Along with this growing understanding of the individuals in the group, they are becoming a bit more confident in their group play.

The Nurseries were busy with their plans in a big group, in a small group, and sometimes on their own. Their days involved a lot of climbing and running and triking and digging and swinging. They are MOVING! They are also getting the idea that if they have BIG energy they can take it outside where it can match the space. My repeating words are, “You know, it’s great to have big energy and a big voice. You just need to find a big space for it… outside.” It is beginning to make more and more sense to them and there are several who want to start outside first thing in the morning. Finding a way to recognize and match your own energies to the realities of the moment is a big part of self regulation.

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