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September 26, 2021 Expanding Energies and Understanding

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Rain or shine, this is a BIG energy and active group of people. Imaginative play is where they live right now. They also love music time with Athena, and books and story time with me… plus snack time, of course and knock-knock jokes! It’s another one of those language and music kinds of groups. In addition, they are definitely individuals! They have their own personalities, temperaments, and very clear ideas of how their worlds should work and how the events around them should transpire! Add in their desire to be together and this mix is naturally giving them lots of opportunities to gain experience and skill, comfort and confidence with setting limits with one another…  and with accepting the limits that are set for them by others. They are learning all this problem solving together to the backdrop of their play.

The joy of their play and of being together is the motivator and certainly creates an environment for their own social understanding and personal growth. But this does not mean that this part of what they do is necessarily easy or fun. I know it can sometimes feel like a lot of challenge to them. It’s a given that it can take a lot of energy and courage to actually follow through and express yourself directly to a peer. It also takes energy and courage to open yourself to another, to let go of yourself and your own ideas long enough to listen to that other person and their own ideas or feelings. I am there to help en-courage (give courage) to them in this. With practice and experience, it does get easier and easier. And the growth that results helps expand their understanding and their worlds even more.

I am already seeing a great deal of forward movement, especially during this past week. These are young children with a young understanding of where they leave off and another person begins. Often a sticking point in their play together can stem from a difficulty in expanding their own concept of their play to include another’s ideas. To young children, especially when they are first navigating being in a group together, the emotional reality of  “Not nice” can sometimes mean you-don’t-want-to-play-Puppies-with-me. “Nice” can mean that you do. Deep inside their own worlds of play, it can make absolutely no sense to them that the blue climber or the play house or the Nursery loft could be used simultaneously for Puppies and Pirates! My mantra is that the school and all of the play yards belong to all of us together. You can always tell other people about your own plans for play and maybe they will want to do that or maybe their plans will be different. And that’s okay! And I might add, sometimes people want to put their ideas together and come up with something totally fun and new. And that can be even more fun.

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