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September 19, 2021 Early Days in the Nursery

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It was another busy week… lots and lots of imaginative play inside and out, more experience with the idea of sharing the necessary stuff back and forth, setting times for trikes, gaining experience and comfort with limit setting for a friend as needed. Some are learning it’s okay to speak up more loudly to set a limit; some are learning to turn their dial back a few notches if you need to let people know how you are feeling about something. It’s all about practice and confidence in a group and finding your own middle and having the courage to share it.

Early in the week, one child announced his find of a small and beautiful dark brown chrysalis with yellow/orange almost golden vertical splotches and lines . Several of the  children (and grown-ups) kept track each day. On Friday the same child who found it brought me over again to show me the changes. It was dark, dark brown, almost black with two thick horizontal rings around and near the top of the pupa case. As we gathered up to see, he proclaimed, “When it turns dark, that means it’s about ready to come out.” When we came out after stories, indeed that’s what we found. Metamorphosis was complete, the chrysalis shell was empty, and the owlet moth had flown away!

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