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One way The Antioch School distinguishes itself is by recognizing and developing the innate interest children have in Art & Science by providing a comprehensive Art & Science program for every child in the school. Art & Science are not viewed in the usual way, as disciplines with little in common. Instead, their wondrous complementary balance is appreciated and explored.

The Art & Science room contains a kitchen, pottery wheels, books, a woodworking bench, plenty of work space, lots of art supplies and a large collection of natural specimens, including bones, shells and nests.

The lab extends beyond the classroom to the school grounds, and beyond the school grounds to: the neighboring campus grounds of Antioch College, Glen Helen's extensive wooded acreage across the street, and other natural areas.

Brian Brogan, the teacher of the Art & Science program, is a hands-on science teacher. He uses a holistic approach to learning that engages a child's movement, vision, feeling, and hearing.


What Happens In Art & Science?

Misc Art & Science PictureThe Nursery and Kindergarten explore materials such as water, clay, wood, cardboard and sand. They perform their own "experiments" with these materials and are provided guidance rather than being told exactly what to do.

The Younger Group has more structure to their Art & Science studies. However, they have many opportunities to follow their own interests. They like to work with prisms, which has led them to create spectrums of color on the floor and the sewing of rainbow bags.

The Older Group learns about circuitry by creating works of art using motors, light bulbs and batteries to produce such things as a twirling ballerina, a virtual reality device and various automated boats. The OG also does scientific reporting and hypothesis testing. Student hypotheses regarding seeds involved seeing and reporting the effects of seeds growing in darkness, in cotton, and after microwaving.

Projects can involve the entire school community, such as the making of life-sized puppets for a school-sponsored Welcoming of Spring Parade through downtown Yellow Springs. On another occasion Kindergarten, YG, and OG students constructed a paper dragon, made flags and Chinese food, and together celebrated the Chinese New Year.



Art & Science Newsletter

  • Art and Science Haiku
    Written by

     Nails are to hammer

    Scrubber Ducky is to scrub 

    Stage is to act on 


                                                           Flathead screwdriver 

                                                           Becomes a wedge for splitting 

                                                           Wood is cleaved in two 


    Can I hold Froggy

    Yes you can, please keep him safe   

    Hold on sweet Froggy


                                                           Little bit of blue

                                                           Mix it with lots of bright white

                                                           Pastel! Try some more! 


    What are you making

    Lots of purple cabbage juice

    Wow it's so stinky

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Elaina - Art & Science Teacher

Elaina Vimmerstedt - Art & Science

Elaina was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She studied music education and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Wittenberg University in Springfield, and holds a certification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). During her time in college, Elaina served as an Americorps VISTA for Springfield Promise Neighborhood in their summer school program. After graduation, Elaina sought out alternative teaching posts that honored the humanity of the children and teachers involved. This search initially led her to the Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center. During her time at Glen Helen, she led 30+ groups of children through the acres of the Glen Helen Nature Preserve. She also served as the program coordinator for the outdoor school.

Elaina first visited The Antioch School as an intrigued teacher from another school - she went to observe the environment, teachers, and children to see what could be gleaned from their unique approach to education. Soon after this inspirational day of observation, Elaina began working at The Antioch School as the assistant teacher in the Older Group classroom and an artist in residence teaching music to all classes. From there Elaina moved into the position as Younger Group teacher, which she held for three years until she had the opportunity to become the Art & Science teacher.

“One of the most important responsibilities of a teacher is to know their students deeply. In that knowing, there is room for each child to be themselves and to be affirmed in their identity. In that knowing, there is acceptance of their unique trajectory in life. I always start with the learner. It is an honor to help facilitate the daily discoveries of children at The Antioch School as they grow.”

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