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Monday, 30 May 2022 17:32

Kindergarten Remembers

Each year during our last week of school, Kindergarten composes a poem together.  Here is the poem the group wrote about this year's experience.

Kindergarten Remembers

We remember the first day of school.

We remember going in the forest classroom.

We remember going on hikes--all the hikes--to the rocks, to Meatball Rock, and to The Raptor Center.

We remember doing plays.

We remember when we all went to the ice skating rink.

We remember going to the zoo.

We remember the week the Kindergarten visited the Younger Group.

We remember going to Strawberry Nook.

We remember going to the Younger Group outdoor classroom.

We remember playing--playing Harry Potter with Carrigg and Marley, playing with Baker and Camo--playing.

Antioch School Kindergarten 2021-22

May 24, 2022

Sunday, 01 May 2022 17:08

Looking Forward

     It's hard to believe that Kindergartners are moving into their last month together.  A traditional part of this transition is to join in some activities with the Younger Group (YG) during the week that the third year Younger Groupers are with the Older Group at the theater preparing for the performance of their musical.  So last week the Kindergartners joined the Younger Group each morning for their morning meeting with many Kindergartners sharing.  On Monday they took a joint hike together with the YG showing the Kindergartners a new hiking destination in the Glen.  Already Kindergartners are asking to return.  Each group hosted the other in the forest Kindergarten and YG outdoor classroom on Tuesday.  Kindergartners loved seeing the tree house that's under construction, the hollow stump, and the swinging vines in the YG's outdoor space.  On Wednesday, joined by Christine, the Kindergarten and YG children picked dandelions together for the traditional spring dandelion count.  In pairs and trios, they picked dandelions in the field by the prairie for five minutes.  Then everyone moved to the porch to count how many they had picked.  Elaina helped each group record their number, and then together they completed the long addition problem to get the grand total--1244! On Thursday Kindergarten children had the option of joining YG for folder work after morning meeting.  All the Kindergartners selected some pencil and paper activities and set right to work throughout the YG room.  We ended the week by traveling to the theater to watch the amazing performance of Annie by the OG and YG thespians.  It was an inspiring, tiring, and full week!

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