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Creek play at Agraria--"It's like swimming with your clothes on!"

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     Kindergartners made a plan for a second visit to Agraria.  The day was one of those unseasonably warm Ohio fall days--windy and with clear skies.  The children wanted to visit the chickens, hike again in the maze (an area just past the big barn) and visit the creek.  Along the way, we discovered an area that had been cleared to make space for a persimmon tree to get more sun.  Someone had arranged log pieces like benches around the persimmon circle--the perfect place for our morning snack.  The children explored the undergrowth, mostly honeysuckle, and began clearing dead wood to make space for club houses and to hang our hammocks on a return trip.  The rest of the morning the children spent along and in the creek which was no longer dry!  Kindergartners discovered which rocks were best to step on for keeping dry feet and which parts of the creek were deep enough to go over a Kindergarten rain boot.

     In the afternoon the children were able to divide their time among several places--the garden, where there was more herb tasting; the barn, where all the tables and chairs had been put along the walls, leaving an immense space for running; and of course, the creek again, where one intrepid Kindergartner decided to remove her boots and socks, roll up her pants and go wading.  Soon many children were barefooted and wading in the creek.  "It's like swimming with clothes on!" declared one Kindergarten wader.  We made sure to walk by the chickens, who we were told are all named Prudence, to say good bye, until our next Agraria visit!

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